Choreographer: Deniz Atlı
Performers: Alper Çankaya, Faysal Dakni, Gülçin Kültür, Naz Göktan, Onur Dilek, Umut Deniz
Music: Barış Menküer and Bugge Wesseltoft
Performance photos: Volkan Aykaç
Platform Dance Theatre – PDT
Lasts app. 20’

This is a performance consisting of scenes about women and the life of women in Turkey from a woman’s point of view. These scenes are about woman being trapped and lost in her own body and thoughts, the ways of display of women body, efforts of a woman to form her own thoughts and her struggle to speak out to express these thoughts, to be a part of the society, while being repressed by men and also about being veiled, which causes discomfort that cannot be fully understood because of the hesitation it creates and this results in a dilemma.

It is performed in Tatbikat Sahnesi, Bilkent University Theatre Department and A Corner In the World Performing Arts Festival İstanbul.