Choreography and performance: Deniz Atlı

Script writing: Erdal Ozan Metin

Directing and editing: Volkan Aykaç

Light Asistant: Ömer Mert Akyıldız

Platform Dance Theatre – PDT
AsiKeçi (Ankara Art Initiative)

This short film created in the following year of Coup Attack in Turkey in 2016. The play writer Erdal Ozan Metin focuses on the oppressed and depressive atmosphere that took place in the country through a woman’s struggle.

This short film won ‘Best Choreography’ and ‘Best Performance’ awards in Cinema Dance Ankara International Short Film Festival which is supported by Goethe Institute. Also, it is premiered in AsiKeçi (Ankara Arts Initiatives) GözGözüGör v2.0 Online Exhibition screening.