Angry Man: Variations in Defense of Anger

Director, choreographer: Matej Matejka
Script: Matej Matejka, Marek Gluzinski
Actors, dancers, performers: Aleksandra Kugacz- Semerc, Danny Kearns, Deniz Atlı, Metehan Kayan, Marek Gluzinski, Mertcan Semerci, Natalia Drozd, Tomas Wortner, Umut Sevgül
Music: Kurws
Performance photos: Tobias Papuczys, Volkan Aykaç
Studio Matejka
Lasts app. two and a half hours, no intermission

Theatre artist and director Matej Matejka build this physical play by asking questions on anger, like what happens when anger cannot be suppressed any longer? (that moment when one cannot remain well-behaved, politically correct, polite, silent nor passive – waiting to be rescued by outside forces). He is looking for that very spark which ignites the engine of change with his group of performers. They are watching it closely all together. They’re dissecting it, analyzing. Until they reach the point at which they cannot resist its power themselves. They let this energy carry them away. The energy that has an enormous destructive ability which must find its outlet so it can make room for the construction of the New. Is it possible for the expression of anger to serve a rightful purpose? Can anger make someone care about the others more? They want to create a piece that could be a safety valve, a trial run, evaluation of their reactions. They want to give voice to all the pissed ones, with no political, moral, or social censorship. They want to find out why people let themselves turn against one another.

‘Angry Man: Variations in Defense’ commissioned by and performed in Grotowski Institute (Wroclaw, Poland); also performed in Kontrapunkt Theatre Festival (Szczecin, Poland).