Script writing and directing: Erdal Ozan Metin
Choreography: Deniz Atlı
Assistant directing: Diyar Güldoğan
Performance: Naz Göktan
Music: Ryok
Poster design: Taha Altınkaya
Performance photos: Volkan Aykaç
Sahne 367

‘Madam’ presents sequences from the life of iconic French artist Edit Piaf. Including disappointments, failures, longings, success and loves in her life, this theatre play intends to make a status inquiry to our present day more than presenting an autobiography of the artist. Despite of all the tragic moments in her life, Edit finds the way to cling to life through her perseverance and passion to the microphone. In the play, her reckoning with the life is identified by her attitude towards the microphone in which she buried and hide everything she likes. In front of her audience, who made her an icon without knowing her pain, she will perform for the last time by holding on to this microphone, herself and to her past…

Madam is performed in Moda Sahnesi, Entropi Sahne, No Act Sahne in İstanbul and Sahne 367 in Ankara. This play won Commandable Woman Theatre Artist award from Arts Institution Turkey and Jury’s Young Talent Special Award of 9th Sadri Alışık Anatolian Theatre Awards.