Horizon Short Film Collage

Concept, directing and choreography: Deniz Atlı
Director of photography: Volkan Aykaç
Performers: Damla Makar, Rengim Melis Köse, Kutay Karagülle, Ege Derin, Toygun Elaldı, Oğuzhan Keskin, Haydar Özkan
Bilkent University Theatre Department

This short film of Horizon is created for the original stage piece of physical theatre play of Horizon. The roots of this film come up from the archetypes of Carl Jung, such as forbidden fruit, hero, old wise man and Oedipus myth. By searching deep into the subjects, intuitive manners of the performers lead to kinesthetic conclusions. This short film aims to expose the outcome of this inner search and it completes the stage performance of the piece Horizon.