Target – 12’den

Designed, directed and choreographed: Deniz Atlı
Performance: Deniz Atlı, Nisan Ter
Video art: Volkan Aykaç, Umut Kambak
Performance photos: Alp Mea Geissler, Ercan Yağcı, Hollievirginia, Volkan Aykaç
Platform Dance Theatre – PDT
Lasts app. 50’, no intermission

It is a contemporary dance piece, which is involved physical theatre methods in its making. This piece initiates from two different characteristic approaches towards life. These approaches take shape, evolve and change during the performance. Several improvisation techniques were used during the rehearsals and the piece brought its own process and the ending according to these improvised sessions. Similarly, after and during each performance it is possible that the structure keeps changing and evolving with the performers and audiences in the moment actions. During the performance, the dancers keep communicating with each other and the audience in different ways including speaking, touching, and through movement or drawing.

Performed in Sahne 367 and Kovan Ankara, Turkey.

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